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Highlight on TTCC Teen Council

We often hear lamenting about our teen population and how different their work ethic is from generations past.  We say that they are prisoners to their electronics, lack interpersonal skills, want jobs that allow them to work when they want and not when they are needed.  These are all conversations that have been heard in recent years and may be true in some respects as they face a different world than the one we have grown accustomed to.   But…here at the TTCC we are seeing a whole different perspective of what our local teens are willing and capable of doing.
A few years ago we re-introduced the concept of a ‘Teen Council’.  Our goal was to engage this group in a meaningful way that would allow us to better program for them.  What came from this surpassed our wildest dreams and has proven how amazing this generation of teens really is!
What started as a group of up to 14 has blossomed into a group of 28 youth that proves, once again, what a committed group of people can do.  This energetic and enthusiastic group never turns down an opportunity to serve our community in new and different ways.  Under the guidance of Regina Richford and Dillon Therrien they have worked tirelessly to raise funds through teen dances, ‘Parent Night Out’ events, bake sales, raffles and more.  They have volunteered over 600 hours since September and raised $9,862 towards our ‘gym renovation’ project.  Last year they purchased a new ‘water bottle’ water fountain, new gym mats and sponsored numerous teams and events.
There is not an event or activity that happens at the TTCC that you won’t find the presence of this group.  How we ever managed without them is a question that we ask again and again.  In a world where we often hear so much negativity they are a shining example of what our future leaders will look like.  As we enter 2018 we are so very thankful for all of our volunteers but wanted to take this opportunity to give our Teen Council the spotlight it deserves!
If you would like to support their fundraising efforts for the ‘gym renovation’ project contact us at the TTCC.

Pictures:  Left – Halloween Haunted Basement put on by the TTCC Teen Council & Right – Teen Council receives a donation from the Run Your Buns Off Committee!


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